You Need To Be Aware of These Hearing Loss Facts

Hearing loss is a subject about which the facts are frequently confused by fears and misconceptions. Unfortunately, such confusion will, all too often lead to inaction on the part of those affected and so a subject who may have benefitted from an early investigation may, instead, allow his or her condition to worsen; perhaps to the point where it can no longer be managed by any of the currently available options. The term ‘managed’ is used advisedly as, to date there is no definitive cure for auditory impairment that is the result of permanent damage to the conduction or sensory mechanisms involved in the perception and interpretation of sound. Thus to minimise the risk of untreatable hearing loss the following facts are worth noting…

Auditory Impairment is Not Just the Result of Aging
Although there may be a natural and gradual loss of audition that begins, typically, in the third decade, its effects do not normally become significant until after retirement age. Infants may sometimes be born deaf either as a result of some inherited condition or through some complication of childbirth. Many of the disease experienced during childhood such as measles and mumps may also result in mild to profound deafness as can a number of the medications, including antibiotics commonly prescribed to both children and adults who may prove to be susceptible.

Noise is now the Most Common Cause
That noise accounts for almost half the cases of hearing loss is one of the most alarming facts about this condition. This is not just because it is a cause that is almost totally preventable but because those that are most likely to be affected by this type of impairment today are not the adults employed in noisy, industrial environments but young people many of whom are still of school age. In the US, as many of 12.5% of children aged between 6 and 19 have permanent damage due to repeated and prolonged exposure to loud noise. The sources both there and in South Africa are discos, concerts, car stereos and portable music devices, all delivering a dangerous excess of decibels.

Early Recognition is Crucial
When treating hearing loss, the facts indicate clearly that spotting the symptoms early and taking the appropriate action offers the best possible chance of a satisfactory outcome. If others claim consistently that you set the TV sound too high or complain that they must often repeat themselves, make no mistake, you do have a problem. It may be temporary and due to nothing more than an ear infection but without treatment its effect could become permanent. A visit to an audiology clinic is often the best starting point and if indicated the audiologist will refer you to your GP or an ENT specialist. In most cases of hearing loss, armed with facts from a few simple tests to determine the type and extent of impairment the healthcare professional will recommend the most effective means by which to manage it.

Effective Solutions are Available
Today’s amplification devices are discreet, effective, and versatile, allowing the user to maintain a typically demanding modern lifestyle and offering choices to suit all pockets and medical aid allocations. Why not visit The Ear Institute for any additional facts about hearing loss?

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