Where to Get Affordable Hearing Aids That Ensure Superior Performance

Being able to get affordable hearing aids has become increasingly important to South Africans during the course of the last decade or so. While the twin problems of a general shortage of disposable income and the rising prices of imports that are the legacy of a Rand that has proved slow to recover account for some of this importance, these are not the only contributory factors. The incidence of auditory impairment is also on the increase and rather than being a condition that was traditionally associated with aging, deafness has now become far more prevalent among the country’s youth and its young adults than at any time in the past.

Many of those who now need to get affordable hearing aids are the victims of the condition known as NRHL or noise related hearing loss. Furthermore, these are generally not those who have been exposed to excessive levels of noise in the workplace as their employers are now required by law to provide them with protection such as ear defenders. Neither are many of them, afflicted as a result of loving too close to an airport or a busy highway. In fact, the type of deafness experienced today by young people in South Africa and worldwide is largely self-inflicted, albeit quite unconsciously.

While recognising the sound of jet engines or heavy machinery as noise, we attach no such connotation to music played at an equal or even greater volume that has left many teenagers needing to get affordable hearing aids. Already it has been estimated that, in the US, 1 in 8 children aged between 6 and 19 are suffering from varying degrees of deafness resulting from exposure to excessive noise and it is a reasonable assumption that South Africa’s kids are unlikely to be too far behind.

The effect of noise is cumulative and in the early stage it may even be reversible. It is in continued exposure to high volumes without any intervening recovery time that the danger of permanent damage is to be found. When one considers how common the sight of a person walking, jogging, driving or even working while listening to portable music players with in-ear phones has become, the growing need to get affordable hearing aids becomes perfectly understandable.

How and where then, are these increasingly necessary devices available? With regard to the where, the Ear Institute operates clinics in towns and cities throughout the nine provinces as well as in neighbouring Namibia. They are equipped with the most advanced audiological testing equipment currently available and staffed by experienced healthcare professionals who are able to evaluate your auditory function and make the appropriate recommendations with regard to how any identified impairments may best be managed. The initial evaluation is a thorough one that will occupy between 60 and 90 minutes of your time. In subsequent appointments you will get an affordable hearing aid which will be fitted and tuned to your needs.

As for the explanation of how payment for specialised services and a high quality amplification device can fall within the scope of your budget, this is the result of charges that comply with the tariffs agreed upon by the nation’s medical aid schemes and that that ensure you get affordable hearing aids.

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