Where is Best to Buy your Cochlear Implants?

Where an individual may be advised to buy cochlear implants, it will be because he or she has been consistently unable to derive any significant benefit from the use of a conventional hearing aid. In order to determine whether or not this type of unit is likely to prove any more effective than a simple electronic amplification device, the prospective buyer will first need to submit to a fairly rigorous evaluation procedure. Clearly, then, this is not the type of item that one can be permitted to purchase over the counter or from an online vendor, although the latter can actually be a useful source of discounted accessories, such as batteries and leash retainer clips.

Suitable candidates will normally be inclined to buy their cochlear implants where they underwent their testing and evaluation. Typically, it is those whose hearing loss is severe to profound and of the sensorineural variety for whom only a so-called Bionic Ear is able to provide a satisfactory solution. This popular description, although widely used, should not imply a device that will enable the wearer to experience sound in the same way as a healthy human ear. The process of relaying signals that will eventually stimulate the brain is different from the normal physiological process and its result is simulation of the transmitted sounds, rather than an accurate reproduction.

Having decided where to buy your cochlear implants and completed the surgery, it would be a disaster if you were then able to perceive sounds but were unable to interpret them. In practice, in addition to the purchase and surgical implantation, the overall procedure includes regular follow-ups and, in particular, will provide all of the expert assistance with the process of rehabilitation that may be required. While some do tend to adapt more quickly than others, a little practice and encouragement will see the average candidate able to recognise the spoken word and to engage in a normal conversation within a month or so. Generally, the shorter the interval between the onset of deafness and implantation, the better the outcome will be.

Where you choose to buy cochlear implants should probably be influenced by what the supplier has to offer. Price should not play a role since your medical aid scheme should cover the bulk of the expense involved. Given that this is a choice that has a direct bearing on your lifestyle or perhaps that of a child, performance and reliability need to be the criteria that will guide your choice. Much the same criteria should be applied when selecting who will undertake your testing and evaluation.

In South Africa, Ear Institute clinics are widely regarded as the nation’s leaders in audiology. For many, our institute’s flagship centres are not just where to buy the world’s most advanced cochlear implants, but also to enjoy the country’s most advanced audiology services under the supervision of highly qualified and experienced healthcare professionals.

Ear Institute clinics employ the latest, cutting-edge technology both for our diagnostic procedures and for the management of hearing loss. Known for its pioneering work and innovative developments in assisted hearing technology, we favour the Advanced Bionics range. That being said, we believe that you should no longer have any doubt about where to buy your cochlear implants.

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