Wet Hearing Aids…What Now?

Remember to use your special drying kit or drying & store.
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DYI methods for keeping hearing aids dry
Step 1:
If your hearing aids get wet, turn them off and remove the batteries. Keeping a wet battery inside your hearing aid can further damage the device. It’s best to be on the safe side and throw out the batteries, as well

Step 2:

  • After removing the batteries, you have a few options:
  • If you were in dirty or salty water, like the ocean, clean the outside of the hearing aid with a alcohol wipe or a dry clean cloth.
  • Leave your hearing aids on dry newspaper and allow them to air-dry inside your house for at least 24 hours (remember not to store in a sunlight area)
  • Take a cup of uncooked rice and place in a plastic sealable bag or a container with a lid. Place your hearing aids in the rice, seal the bag/container closed, and leave it overnight. Rice may work as dehumidifiers and soak up the water in your hearing aids.
  • Damage could result in distorted or weak sound quality, reduced battery life and inconsistent functionality, therefore it’s important to take extra care during the summer months.

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