Tinnitus Treatment Offers Relief for Sufferers

Often referred to simply as “ringing in the ears”, the condition known as tinnitus appears to have as many possible causes as it has potential treatments. The phenomenon is a very common one that appears to affect as many as 20% of people aged from 55 to 65. It should not be thought of as a disease but rather as a symptom of some underlying condition that, once treated, will, more often than not, result in its disappearance.

The condition may affect either or both ears and some forms appear to actually manifest within the head. In addition to the typical ringing sound it may also present as hissing, buzzing, high-pitched whining, ticking, sizzling and even as the sound of voices. In some subjects the condition is an intermittent one while others experience it on a continuous basis. In all cases, however, the symptom is accompanied by some degree of hearing loss. Most often, this impairment affects sounds that happen to fall in the same frequency range as those that the subject experiences symptomatically.

The intensity of these phantom sounds may also vary. In some subjects it may take the form of a fairly subtle background noise that is only evident in quiet surroundings while, in others, these annoying sounds may still be heard even under the noisiest conditions.

Tinnitus can be very debilitating and, without treatment, persistent sufferers are inclined to experience loss of sleep, bad temper, extreme fatigue and even severe depression.

Before any remedial strategy can be instituted, it is important to confirm the condition and to establish its possible cause. This will involve a simple physical inspection and, where indicated, a more in-depth investigation. Often the cause is as simple as an accumulation of ear wax, a foreign object in the external ear or a secondary symptom of a nasal allergy. Exposure to loud noises is also a common cause and victims often recover spontaneously. The in-ear type of earphones used with i-Pods and portable CD players are often set to very high volumes and are frequently implicated in this condition which, with repeated exposure may become permanent.

Other causes include the secondary effects of prescription drugs, particularly antibiotics and certain anti-depressants.

The effectiveness of the common tinnitus treatments vary considerably and may take a wide variety of forms. These range from the use of physical devices, electromagnetic stimulation and surgery to a vast array of chemicals both synthetic and natural.

Among the most effective in the latter category is a preparation developed by a company named the Premier Micronutrient Corporation (PMC) and known as “Hearing Health”. Hailed as a significant breakthrough and the most cost-effective remedy for this widespread condition currently available, it underwent thorough evaluation in trials conducted by the US Naval Medical Centre in San Diego.

This revolutionary new product is now available in South Africa from any of the 19 Ear Institutes and satellite practices around the country. The product has earned the institute’s endorsement as a leading specialist in the fields of hearing health and audiology, as well as that of the US Ear Foundation.

The product has already brought relief to many tinnitus sufferers and offers hope to the many others who may have thought that a truly effective treatment was not yet available.

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