Tinnitus Medication Breakthrough Now Available at South African Audiology Centres

Sufferers from the, often highly distressing symptom known as tinnitus are offered new hope for effective relief in the form of a medication now available in South Africa. Most people will probably have experienced this sensation at some time or another. Most times, it presents as a whistling, buzzing or ringing sound perceived within the ear when there is no external source for the sound and will often follow exposure to a loud noise such as a firework detonating close by. Under these circumstances, hearing becomes muffled but the ringing is seldom particularly loud and, after a while it ceases and hearing returns to normal.

For many individuals, however, the sensation is neither mild nor temporary and it is almost invariably accompanied by dome degree of auditory impairment. These inner noises may are often so loud that they obscure external sounds making normal conversation possible. They interfere with the subject’s concentration and frustrate any attempt to find refuge in sleep. In such situations, the victims has had to accept that it is a symptom for which there is no genuine cure and that respite will be found only with the use of methods designed to promote tolerance of the condition rather than freedom from it.

Audiologists such as those employed at the various The Ear Institute establishments around South Africa offer in-depth experience of the condition. While the smaller satellite practices are able to assist with diagnostic and screening procedures, the clinics found in the larger towns and cities are equipped to undertake a range of treatments for tinnitus sufferers including the provision of the only medication approved by the US Ear Foundation for use in this type of treatment.

Known as ‘Hearing Health’ it was developed by the Premier Micronutrient Corporation (PMC) and has undergone extensive and rigorous testing by specialists in various laboratory facilities operated by the American armed forces including the US Naval Medical Centre in San Diego, the Marine Corps Systems Command in Quantico and the Army Research Institute in Aberdeen as well as NASA in Houston. Following the striking success of their testing the both NASA and the US Military have now adopted it for routine use.

The product is not simply just another one-size-fits-all multivitamin mix but has been carefully formulated to maximise the anti-oxidants and minerals that are known to be essential to the health of the internal structures of the ear and excludes all content that offer no tangible benefit or that may be potentially harmful. Studies confirm that it the preparation is effective against oxidative damage from a variety of causes that includes damage to the auditory apparatus.

‘Hearing Health’ is 100% safe and, to date, has demonstrated no evidence of any harmful interaction with any prescription or OTC product. No fillers or herbal window-dressing are present in the preparation which includes two forms of Vitamin E in order to protect cells both internally and externally.

There are, of course, still other alternatives. Devices employing selected frequencies and soothing music to disguise the ringing sensation have brought relief to many and become more effective with prolonged usage. If you are a sufferer, you would be well-advised to talk to one of our The Ear Institute specialists about medication and other approaches to the treatment of tinnitus.

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