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H.A.S.S. Hearing Protection, Lifestyle Products 2018


Custom-made Hearing Protection

Protecting your hearing, even when you already have a hearing loss, is of utmost importance. Hearing aids are wonderful technological instruments but still do not replace one’s natural hearing abilities. Many of us are exposed to loud sounds whether it is during our working hours or after work while enjoying our hobbies, such as woodwork or playing musical instruments. Ear Institutes offer custom-made hearing protection devices that are designed to fit each individual’s ear canal. They are made from acrylic or silicon, and are available in different colours. Click here for more info ( VIEW PRODUCT

Sleep Plugs

If you struggle to sleep when it’s noisy, then SleepPlugs might be for you. Custom-made from soft silicon for comfort, they are perfect for those who struggle with sleeping next to a snorer, light sleepers or frequent travellers. They are durable, hygienic and easy to clean.


Swim Plugs

Protecting your ears while swimming or participating in water sports – even while showering or bathing – is important for helping prevent middle ear infections, ear ache after exposure to water, and swimmer’s ear.



People who have Bluetooth and other communication devices on their helmets or motorbikes struggle to hear while riding, due to wind and noise. MotoCom replaces the speakers in the helmet with in-the-ear earpieces, using a cable long anough to use comfortably and practically. Ideal for motorcyclists, motorsport enthusiasts and for any sport where a helmet is worn and communication is required.



Protect your hearing while wearing a helmet – ideal for motorcyclists, quad bikers, motorsport, moto cross enthusiasts, and for any sport where wearing a helmet is required. Effectiveness can be tested through a seal test or hearing screening test.


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