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When you choose AB, you benefit from world-class reliability. This means less hearing downtime, so you hear your best day-in and day-out without interruption.

There are two important aspects to consider when choosing a cochlear implant – the system itself, and the support you will receive throughout your lifetime.


The Implant
Implant technology is the most important consideration in a cochlear implant system. This will determine how much detailed sound information is ultimately delivered to the hearing nerve.

The Mid-Scala Electrode:

  • Has the industry’s highest reliability rating
  • Has the industry’s highest impact resistance (can withstand 6 Joules impact to the head)
  • Is compatible with future technology – fully upgradeable without the need for additional surgery
  • Has the industry’s highest number of independent current sources for precise current steering to improve pitch perception
  • Has the industry’s smallest pre-curved array with low-profile, surgery-friendly design for less intrusive implantation
  • Causes minimal damage to the cochlea and preserves any remaining hearing

Sound Processors
Advanced Bionics sound processors feature HiRes Sound, the newest generation of sound processing techniques, which delivers measurable improvement in sound clarity and music appreciation. With this advanced processing technique, detailed sound information is delivered to the hearing nerve extremely fast, mimicking how normal hearing worls, thus allowing for more natural sound.

Naída CI Q70™ Sound Processor
Small size. Big performance.

Introducing the world’s newest, most advanced behind-the-ear sound processor for cochlear implant recipients. With a chic, lightweight design, Naída CI Q70 features fun, fashionable colours, advanced ear-to-ear technologies, and the industry’s first wireless and bimodal streaming capabilities for high-performance hearing that is always in style.

  • Advanced spectral resolution for improved speech-clarity
  • Noise reduction technology for different listening situations
  • Latest processing strategy enables improved music appreciation
  • Cost e­ffective with rechargeable battery use
  • Sleek and light design behind the ear
  • Industry’s most natural microphone placement
  • UltraZoom technology for improved hearing in meetings
  • ZoomControl technology for improved hearing in restaurants
  • DuoPhone technology for improved hearing on a phone
  • Highly water resistant (splash proof) (IP57)
  • Wireless connectivity to cell phone, laptop, TV, etc.
The Neptune™ Sound Processor
The World’s First Submersible Sound Processor

Neptune is the first and only fully submersible sound processor in the world. Developed for all ages and lifestyles, the lightweight Neptune processor allows you or your child to hear your world with the comfort and beauty of nothing on the ear.

  • Highest Ingress Protection rating in its class – IP68.
  • Allows the wearer to enjoy activities such as swimming, showering, bathing and watersports without having to remove the device.
  • Flexible wearing options – wear the processor on your arm, on your collar, in your hair, anywhere !
  • Easy connectivity
  • User-friendly controls
  • Convenient power options
  • Contemporary design – looks like an MP3 player!

Service and Support

A Global Network
Advanced Bionics is part of the global Phonak network, which has the world’s largest research and development team in the hearing healthcare industry, ensuring state-of-the-art technology in every product.

Lifetime Partnership
Advanced Bionics is not just a cochlear implant system – we are your lifetime partner in hearing healthcare. Our commitment includes a wide range of support and services available to you and your family throughout your lifetime, through a network of professional programmes in South Africa and internationally.

Click here for the Advanced Bionics South African network.

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