Ear Institute Cochlear Implant Unit

To determine if you are a candidate for a cochlear implant, a comprehensive evaluation will be conducted by our team of experts. Candidacy for a cochlear implant is evaluated by a multidisciplinary team of professionals: audiologists, rehabilitation specialists, surgeons and other medical experts. We also have a full-time fundraiser at the Ear Institute who assists families with fundraising activities. These team members form part of the Ear Institute Cochlear Implant Unit. The team will assess the type and level of hearing impairment, as well as how well you or your child performs with hearing aids.

In addition to the hearing evaluation, the assessment includes medical tests such as an MRI scan. The cochlear implant team will discuss all potential tests and procedures with you.

Our cochlear implant recipients are part of the Ear Institute family, and our commitment to excellent after-sales service is part of our lifelong relationship with you.

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