Reasons to Consult an Expert Audiologist in Cape Town

It is very probable that most people will never consult an audiologist in Cape Town or any other city, but it is absolutely certain that many more people should seek the advice of these healthcare specialists than actually do so. In today’s audio-visual age, the ability to hear clearly is every bit as important as good vision. Despite this, while most of those whose sight may be failing will hasten to an ophthalmologist and gladly accept the need to wear spectacles or contact lenses, many of those with impaired hearing are often very reluctant to even admit to their condition.

Deafness is still seen by many as cause for embarrassment and the need to wear a hearing aid can often act to compound that feeling. Just as the introduction of contact lenses saw many more willing to rely publicly upon this near invisible option rather than wear glasses, however stylish, many of the modern hearing aids are now equally undetectable and should serve to allay some of the concerns of those who really need them.

Almost any condition that effects the ears, the nose or the throat could, in time, result in some degree of hearing loss. The effect may be temporary or permanent and, in the latter instance, the condition can often be progressive. The good news, however, is that in the majority of cases and even though the condition may not be reversed, it can be effectively compensated and further deterioration arrested with the appropriate intervention.

Determining the need for such intervention and advising on its nature, is the role of a specialist audiologist. In Cape Town, The Ear Institute, a nationwide, hearing healthcare network, offers its professional services from its two well-equipped practices in Claremont and Bellville.

For those whose advancing years may have left them less able to discern some frequencies, even though the process is a quite natural one, effective help is still available from these and other clinics across the country. Modern amplification devices are not just unobtrusive but able to interface with TVs and phones – a great comfort for those whom age may have left less mobile.

Hearing disorders, nevertheless, are not all the result of age. Impairment may occur in babies, teenagers, young adults just as often as among older people. In fact, teenagers and those in their early twenties have become the group most at risk in recent years. The explanation lies in their love of loud music. The cumulative damage caused by long-term, repeated exposure to this and other loud noises is now the most common cause of hearing loss.

Acute or chronic ear pain, discharge and loss of balance as well as that persistent internal ringing known as tinnitus are all indicators that something needs attention. Even though they may not be accompanied by signs of deafness, these are often an indicator of a condition which, if ignored, could later result in some degree of auditory impairment.

A thorough examination of the ear canal alone could reveal an infection, easily treated, and offering no long-term threat. The use of sophisticated testing equipment designed to measure hearing performance relative to the norm provides a painless and stress-free route to accurate diagnosis and effective remediation by skilled audiologists in these Cape Town clinics.

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