Purchasing Some SnorePlugs Could Save Your Marriage

At first glance, one might be forgiven for thinking that SnorePlugs are a product that is designed to prevent this unfortunate and extremely common tendency. In practice, however, they are designed to permit those who must share a room or a bed with a snorer to get a good night’s sleep and to protect their sanity.

Statistics suggest that about one person in four snores regularly, although while some produce little noise, others can be heard in the next room. It is a condition that affects people of all ages, even children, and although women like to think that it is a habit restricted to males, in fact, about one third of those affected are female. It seems likely, however, that the reason for this belief is that women are inherently lighter sleepers, a possible requirement of motherhood, and are thus more easily disturbed.

The noises that are responsible for so much tension between spouses are due to the vibration of soft tissues in the head and neck, and occur when inhaling and exhaling during sleep. The areas involved are the soft palate, the tonsils, the roof of the mouth and the nasal passages. During sleep, one’s airways relax and tend to narrow, and it is the effect this exerts on air pressure that results in the vibrations. Alcohol, tobacco and excess weight all act to increase the tendency, as well as the value of SnorePlugs.

While there are treatments, a guaranteed complete cure is still pending and, apart from resorting to separate rooms, the best means to escape the disturbance remains to block one’s ears. In some cases, of course, even quite minor sounds can be sufficient to disturb one’s sleep, and these simple devices can prove invaluable, especially in a hotel where the other guests can often be less than considerate.

Made from soft silicon, SnorePlugs are custom made to fit your ear comfortably and are exceptionally durable. Given that they may be cleaned with ease and re-used repeatedly, they are both a hygienic and an economical choice for light sleepers and for those who may be required to travel on a fairly regular basis.

These devices should not, however, be confused with swimming plugs. The latter are designed to provide a water-tight seal to prevent the entry of water into the ear canal. Both products are available in a variety of colours and may be purchased from our Ear Institute branches throughout South Africa.

If going to bed has become a nightmare or your health and sanity are threatened by sleep deprivation, it’s time to pay us a visit. A modest investment in SnorePlugs could even save your relationship.

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