Phonak hearing aids with nine lives (Testimonial)

Hearing patient success stories is one of the best parts of working in the hearing health industry. We’d love to hear your story…

I am 70 and inherited this Phonak Baseo Q hearing aid from my wife’s best friend in South Africa.

Being a bit absent-minded I have showered with it on a few occasions but after visiting Charmaine at the local hearing center in Benoni she always managed to get it going again.

Then disaster. I went for a haircut and placed it in my pocket. After the haircut, I went to the gym for my twice-weekly swim. Afterwards I couldn’t find the damned thing anywhere despite looking everywhere.

I thought I had lost it forever.

 I went back to the gym five days later for a swim and low and behold I found it lying in the open-air car park purely by chance. 

 It had obviously been driven over, walked on and we had two thunderstorms during that week.

The battery was close by but even that had a dent in it and the hearing aid very much bashed, dented and bruised.

To cut a long story short I returned home and forced a new battery in. To my utter disbelief and amazement, the thing started to working again!

I thought I would share this story with you and may I say I will never ever buy another brand.

Thanks and best regards

Andrew McIntosh

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