Only Custom-Made Hearing Protection Devices Can Ensure Your Safety

One of the more important benefits of living in the 21st century is that more and more people now have instant access to a vast collection of online information far greater than was ever previously available. One of the particularly valuable consequences of this has been that many more people have now been made aware of the causes of hearing loss and of the various options that are available to minimise or eliminate the risks to which they may be exposed.

The range of available hearing protection devices is quite extensive but what many consumers remain unaware of is that, in some cases, a product may be of little value, unless custom-made to fit the individual. Although not widely known, the architecture of the ear is unique to the individual and that it even differs between the left and right ears. It is a fact that security agencies have been quick to realise, and ears have now become one of the main focal points for the advanced facial recognition software used to spot known criminals and terrorists at air terminals and similar locations.

Swimmers are among those who are most commonly subject to ear infections. These in turn often cause temporary deafness that is reversed once the infection subsides. Chronic sufferers, however, risk permanent hearing loss that, with the aid of ear plugs, the simplest of hearing protection devices, could be prevented. Cheap over-the-counter products can never provide a perfect fit and are easily dislodged. While some are intended to be disposable, others may appear to be reusable, but can actually present an infection risk of their own, should you do so.

By contrast, our Ear Institute clinics promote the use of custom-made products that have been carefully moulded to fit each of the individual’s ears to perfection. Made from a soft silicone material that ensures exceptional comfort during use, these swimming plugs fit firmly and are safe and easy to clean, so as to provide the wearer with a reusable product that is also hygienic.

Infection is not, however, the only threat to audition and, for the last few years, noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) has taken the lead. Once restricted to the workplace, the taste for day-long exposure to music, most often played at full volume, has seen the incidence of noise-related, permanent impairment among young people overtake that of all other causes of deafness combined.

For the iPod owners, attempting to keep the volume at levels of around 65dB or less is currently their main option, along with avoiding the use of in-ear earphones. Both of these precautions should be seen as vital for prolonged safe listening. The disco and live concert enthusiast, however, are also able to purchase quality, custom-made ear plugs form one of our 20 Ear Institute branches now operating in and around South Africa. These products are made from soft silicone or acrylic material, and are designed to act as efficient hearing protection devices, but will still allow the wearer to enjoy the music, although to do so at a far safer volume.

Your hearing is precious and there is currently no way to reverse its loss. Rather than chance a future dependent upon hearing aids, consult us at the Ear Institute about custom-made hearing protection devices.

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