Where to get Hearing Aids for Sale

Where to Get the World’s Leading Hearing Aids for Sale

If you’ve been studying the wide range of hearing aids for sale today, the best policy will be to be careful where you choose to get them. There have been huge advances in assisted hearing technology, and this has led to a vast and often confusing array of devices that represent an equally diverse range of abilities. Some exper...

Handy Hints About Ear Moulds

The ear mould is an important part of a hearing aid. It directs the sound to where it is meant to go in the ear and should fit well and comfortably.

Feedback (or whistling) and discomfort are the two most common pro...

The Silent Cause of Hearing Loss

Could Ototoxic Drugs Be Affecting Your Hearing Without Your Knowledge?

What Is Ototoxicity?

The definition of ototoxicity, in its simplest form, is ear poisoning (“oto” references the ear and toxicity ref...

Facts about Tinnitus

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is noises in the head, not related to any psychiatric condition. The noise can be heard anywhere in the head or in one or both ears. So far there are no scientific proven ...

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