How Can a Hearing Aid Help a Deaf Person?

Perhaps only those who have lost the ability to hear can truly appreciate the extent to which we depend upon this ability to cope with everyday life. While this has always been the case to some degree, the many advances in technology that have taken place over the past few decades have seen that dependence upon our sense of audition increase in direct proportion. On the upside, some of that techno...

Why TV is good for people with hearing loss

Can TV ever be “good” for someone?

TV often gets a reputation of being a waste of time, or a mindless activity for passive viewers, but TV can actually play an important role in one’s life – especially those with hearing lo...

Do My Hearing Aids Really Help Me Hear Better?

Sometimes I wonder if my hearing aids really help me hear better. I was due for my annual hearing test and asked my audiologist if we could run an experiment. I asked her to test my speech understanding both with my hearing aids and without them. I wanted to see the difference in my word comprehension.

The verdict. They absolutely do.

Hearing Loss in Toddlers

What are the Signs of Possible Hearing Loss in Toddlers?

For a child to be deprived of any of its senses, quite regardless of its age, is always upsetting, but in the case of auditory impairment, confirming that he or she has a problem as early as possible can do much to improve the long-tern outcome. This, of course, serves to underline just how important it can be for p...

Hearing Loss Test

Why You Might Need a Hearing Loss Test and What It Involves

As humans approach the latter years of their third decade, their auditory efficiency tends to commence a natural process of decline. Known as presbycusis, the process is generally a very gradual one, and it may only be after retirement that its effects become sufficiently troublesome to warrant seeking some professional attentio...

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