Persistent Ringing in the Ears Should Always Be Investigated

It is more than likely that anyone reading this article will, on more than one occasion during his or her life, have experienced the sensation often described as ringing in the ears. It is a fairly common occurrence that, in the majority of cases, is likely to be a temporary symptom lasting only a few minutes or so. The phenomenon is known as tinnitus and, although widely experienced in the ...

Consulting an Ear Nose and Throat Specialist in Cape Town

The role of an ear nose and throat specialist is extensive and very much the same in Cape Town as in any other major city of the world. It is not, however, necessarily limited to the treatment of conditions affecting the auditory system and upper respiratory tract but can extend to include plastic and reconstructive surgery to the head and neck regions. Those who choose to pursue this field ...

Understanding the Role of Audiology

Much to the annoyance of some practitioners who believed their function may be seen as teaching people to wiggle their ears, the science of audiology was formerly referred to quite widely as ’auricular training’. The revised term derives from both Latin and Greek roots. A contraction formed from the Latin verb ‘audire’ meaning ‘to hear’ and the Greek noun ‘logia’ which trans...

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