The Causes and Possible Effects of an Ear Infection

If you’re among the many millions that have suffered an ear infection, it is likely that it is an experience you have been slow to forget. The symptoms of the condition can be as varied as the causes but often, pain, is the one that causes the greatest distress.

The organ is divided into three main parts referred to as the outer, middle and inner regions and each one of th...

Consulting an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist on Pretoria

Although the word may be completely unfamiliar to many and even unpronounceable to some, the term, otolaryngology, was originally introduced in the USA to describe the professional activities of what, in Pretoria and the remainder of South Africa, most people would refer to as an ear, nose and throat specialist and others, simply as an ENT doctor.

The three anatomical areas wh...

What exactly is the Distressing Condition Known as Tinnitus?

Anyone who may have, during the course of a rugby match or boxing bout, experienced a blow to the head, in addition to the temporary dizziness and confusion, may well have experienced a ringing sound in the ears. Fortunately, in light of the high frequency of such mishaps, its effects on these casualties are usually quite temporary. However, for millions of sufferers worldwide, the sensation...

Why Do Some People Become Deaf?

In the course of our daily interactions we will often come into contact with one or more people who appear to experience some degree of hearing impairment. By contrast, we are far less likely to encounter an individual who is totally deaf. In practice, this is a condition that is seen to exhibit varying degrees of severity and, in professional circles; the latter term is one that is reserved...

The Role of an Audiologist in Johannesburg

The audiologist is a specialised healthcare professional whose core activities involve the diagnosis of disorders that affect hearing or the vestibular system and, wherever it may be possible and appropriate, to the implementation of a range of effective corrective measures. In Johannesburg and in around 19 other locations spread across South Africa and the neighbouring state of Namibia, the...

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