Learning made easier with Roger – Testimonial

To Whom It May Concern,

I have been an Educator for 29 years. My experience as an Educator with the FM system has been so positive.

In 2007 I was a Gr1 Educator. I had a little girl in my class who was finding it very difficult to complete written tasks as she wasn’t able to follow instructions accurately. She was easily distracted and became very frustrated. Verbally, she was able to cope with the work but when I asked her what my instructions were, she was not able to tell me. Her parents were as concerned as I was so duly had eye tests and hearing tests done. We then discovered she was not able to block out all other background noises that naturally occur in a classroom with 28 other Learners therefore was not able to perform written and other tasks to her full potential. The FM system was recommended and made such a difference in her life and she was able to achieve far more in class and do homework with a positive attitude. She used the FM system in Gr2 and Gr3 and thereafter could work effectively in a classroom without the FM system. She is currently in Gr11 and has achieved academically and realised her full potential.

In 2019 I assisted Learners in the Afrikaans medium class with learning difficulties. The class teacher and I watched one of the Learners, a little boy, who always watched our mouths when we were teaching. If he was not looking at us, he really had no idea what was expected of him. The Parents were called in and advised to go for hearing test which they duly did only to find he had really bad ear infection and wax build-up in both ears. So medication was prescribed and 3 months later went back to have another hearing test and check that the infection had cleared. All was good and results of the hearing test were normal. He continued to lip-read. I was concerned. I mentioned the FM system to the class teacher and she in turn spoke to the parents and we got the go ahead to try it for 2 weeks. The Ear Institute worked closely with us in this regard and they were able to locate an FM system we could try out for 2 weeks. Ashley Taylor came to school and fitted the FM system to the little boy and showed the teacher how to use it. His little face when he heard his own voice and the teacher talking to him was something I will never forget!! His parents were fortunate in getting their medical aid to pay for an FM system. The little boy is a totally different child and is achieving and succeeding academically.

As an Educator, I would not hesitate to recommend the FM system as I have seen the difference it has made in children’s lives.

Natalie Freese


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