Is There an Effective Tinnitus Treatment?

It is a safe bet that anyone affected by this condition will inevitably attempt to find an effective tinnitus treatment. Although to many of those who experience it, it must certainly seem like an illness, it is in fact merely a symptom of some underlying cause that, as often as not, is likely to remain unexplained. Almost anyone that reads this article will probably have experienced the condition at least once in his or her lifetime to date and, very probably, on several occasions.

Despite the fact that it is widely thought of as a ringing sensation within the ear, this is only one of the many possible manifestations that have been described by sufferers. Some, for instance, report that they experience a buzzing or clicking sound while others have described hearing sizzling, beeping, whistling, music and even human voices, to name just a few. However, the one characteristic that these all have in common, regardless of the actual sensation perceived, is that it does not originate externally.

Audiological examinations reveal that the condition may be classified as falling into one of two possible categories. In the type designated as subjective, the examining physician is unable to share the sensation experienced by the patient while, in the objective type, he or she will also be able to hear the intrusive sounds. Successfully differentiating between these two variants of the condition can guide the clinician regarding the appropriate choice for an effective tinnitus treatment.

As mentioned earlier, transient episodes are quite common and may occur in ear infections, following sudden loud noises or as the result of a blockage of the Eustachian tubes, something often experienced by divers and aircraft passengers. Thankfully, in such cases, recovery is fairly spontaneous. Hearing loss is almost always accompanied by the symptom and this will often provide a doctor with a clue to its onset in cases where the patient may be still unaware of any diminished acuity in his or her hearing. Generally, in addressing the hearing impairment, the annoying ringing will be eliminated or, at least, reduced to tolerable levels.

By contrast, where the symptom is chronic, it can often be so intense that it interferes with normal conversation and sleep and may even lead to severe depression. Fortunately, in such cases, there is an effective tinnitus treatment to alleviate the effects of these distressing sounds although it should be stressed that this does not constitute a cure. At The Ear Institute clinics, two options are offered.

In the more severe cases, a device is used to play music at frequencies carefully selected following an audiological examination to counter those of the offending sounds. While this brings results, it is essentially a process of management rather than a curative one. Nevertheless, the result is that the sufferers are better able to sleep and to ignore their symptoms well enough to interact normally.

In less severe cases, The Ear Institute offers the alternative of medication formulated to promote aural health. Known as Hearing Health™, it is a micronutrient and antioxidant preparation and the first such product approved by the US Ear Foundation for this purpose. Taken orally, it will not only serve to reduce the ringing but also to protect your hearing. Finally – another effective tinnitus treatment.

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