How can you Improve your Hearing?


Both the means by which to improve your hearing and the extent to which such means may be effective are dependent upon the cause of the problem. Often, the root of the condition is straightforward and could be due to nothing more sinister than a build-up of wax in the ear canal. In such cases, the offending material can be softened with wax, displaced by syringing with warm water or extracted by suction, whereupon the conduction of sound is restored and, with it, normal audition.


Another cause of temporary, reversible deafness is an acute ear infection, and although this may be potentially more serious than excess wax, a course of antibiotics will normally see a subject’s hearing improve and regain its former efficiency quite quickly. Sometimes, an infection may result in a substantial build-up of fluid in the middle ear and this may need to be surgically drained, in order to restore normal sound conduction. The real danger of infection, however, lies in the risk that it may become chronic, if not treated effectively and, if permanent conductive deafness is to be avoided, this will often require more extensive surgery. Providing that there is early recognition of the symptoms of infection and treatment is begun promptly, the risk of permanent damage will normally be minimal.


Aging often prompts a need to improve hearing and there is evidence that a diet rich in anti-oxidants, including vitamins A, C and E can be helpful in neutralising the free oxygen that causes damage. In addition, B complex vitamins act to promote circulation and maintain healthy nerves, and deficiencies are thought to be a possible cause of age-related auditory impairment. Cold water fish, most fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts and whole grains are natural sources, while supplements such as “Hearing Health”, available from us at Ear Institute clinics, provide a convenient all-in-one solution.


While implementing such methods to improve one’s hearing is important, steps to prevent impairment have become equally so, with excessive noise now cited worldwide as its most common cause. Ear plugs and ear defenders are simple, but effective measures that are essential in an age when increasing numbers of young people are developing severe auditory impairment.


At some stage, however, many will be forced to accept that there is no means to reverse their condition and that instead, they are in need of an effective means with which to manage it. For them, an in-depth examination at an Ear Institute clinic will determine both the severity and the nature of the impairment, allowing a specialist audiologist to select and tune a suitable electronic amplification device to compensate for the affected audio frequencies and thus improve their hearing. 

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