High Performance Hearing Aids from Cape Town Audiology Centre

Among the nation’s prime suppliers of high-performance hearing aids, The Ear Institute clinic in the Cape Town district of Bellville provides the population of the Mother City and surrounding areas with a centre of excellence in the field of auditory healthcare. One of the 19 such facilities currently serving South Africa and neighbouring Namibia, it shares the status of a flagship centre with others located in the country’s major cities.

The nationwide network consist of two models with the smaller towns served by satellite clinics whose role is to deliver screening and diagnostic services. While all of the clinics within the group are staffed by qualified healthcare professionals and make use of the very latest equipment, those centres designated as The Ear Institutes and located in the larger population centres have been established to deliver more specialised services such as the investigation of balance disorders, paediatric audiology and, in some instances, the services of an ENT specialist.

Humans are highly dependent upon their auditory sense, not just for casual and professional communications but for personal safety. Impairment of this important sensory function in varying degrees, however, is becoming more common and the demand for effective hearing aids by both the young and old of Cape Town has grown, as has that in all of the world’s cities.

These invaluable prostheses have evolved considerably during the course of the last few decades. Once widely seen as cumbersome, unsightly and barely adequate amplifiers, they have developed into powerful and sophisticated electronic devices. Many of today’s models are, for instance, capable of seamless interaction with other digital devices such as cellular phones, television sets and iPods allowing the wearer to enjoy a greatly improved and far more complete lifestyle than was once possible for those with auditory impairment.

Miniaturisation has made the modern unit more discreet and both the in-ear and behind-the-ear models are now far more unobtrusive and no longer a source of embarrassment. Solid state technology has not only enabled greater interaction but also added unprecedented sound clarity, highly directional microphones and the elimination of interfering background noises; one of the most annoying traits of earlier models.

Anyone upgrading today will find that battery life has also been greatly extended and there are even waterproof models that may be worn in the shower. In keeping with our pursuit of excellence, the Institute recommends the use of products from Phonak, an acknowledged world leader in the design and manufacture of these advanced amplification devices. At our Ear Institute clinic in Cape Town you are assured of a swift and accurate diagnosis and the high performance hearing aid best suited to your uniquely personal needs. 

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