Hearing Aids Prices and Testing Information

The Ear Institute in South Africa and Namibia is a service provider with the aim of providing quality healthcare services and products at the most affordable prices. Hearing aids prices can be obtained from our offices. In general the price for a hearing test is around R500 depending on the extensiveness of the test performed.

We endeavour to provide the most accurate diagnosis and treatments for patients. In order to do so, we work in close relation with other medical professions. With state-of-the-art equipment and world-class facilities in no fewer than 19 centres across South Africa and Namibia, we aim to offer our services over a large geographical area.

The hearing practitioners in our team are registered with the Health Professions Council of SA (HPCSA) and charge medical aids prices for the hearing related services and products.

No Referral Needed

Patients can visit one of our centres directly without first being referred by a GP or ENT. Should a patient need a referral to visit the GP or ENT, they can get such from us.


Because our medical practitioners are HPCSA registered and charge standard medical aid related fees, you will find that all our prices are affordable. We can send the invoice to your medical cover directly on your behalf, but the account stays your responsibility until paid. Note that the majority of medical aid schemes offer standard amounts for hearing tests per year. Contact your medical aid first should you not be sure whether they will cover the extra costs in case where you need more than one hearing test or aid application in a given year.

Test Duration

A hearing test and consultation on the first visit will last anything from one hour to 90 minutes. It is thus important to set apart enough time for a proper assessment if it is your first consultation. It takes around three days for the making of the hearing aid. In some instances, we are able to provide the product immediately.

Money Back Guarantee

We provide 30 day full money back guarantee should the patient not be fully satisfied with the hearing aid. The guarantee doesn’t extend to the hearing test, mould or batteries. You are welcome to test the various hearing aids at our facility before purchasing one. Our experienced medical staff and consultants will be able to assist in selecting the right one.

No Retesting Required

If you have already been to an audiologist not directly involved with the Ear Institute and have the prescription audiogram we will be able to manufacture the hearing aid without you having to pay for or undergo another hearing test. 

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