#FreshOn947 and the Ear Institute to help Nicki hear again

DJ Fresh has a feature #FreshDeeds on his show every Thursday at 17h15 where he tries to help out someone in need.

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We (947 team) received this letter from Cindy – nominating Nicholas Kundon…

We called on our friends over at the Ear Institute in Bryanston to find out if they could help us restore the Nicki that his family knows and this is what happened…

It’s extremely frustrating and isolating when you’re unable to hear and unable to communicate with the people who are most important to you. It’s a very lonely world. We’re so glad that we’ve asked and you’ve afforded us this opportunity to assist Nicki.

Jessica Wolhuter, Audiologist and Branch Manager at the Ear Institute in Bryanston.

At the Ear Institute, we would like to assist Nicki to gain access to the world of hearing once again and for the ones most important to him. We would like to offer Nicki a full diagnostic hearing assessment in order accurately diagnose the type and severity of his hearing loss. With this accurate diagnosis in hand, we can then select the most suitable option for Nicki. Should this include hearing aids, the Ear Institute will supply and fit Nicki with hearing aids free of charge.

Jessica Wolhuter, Audiologist and Branch Manager at the Ear Institute in Bryanston.

And… Fresh being Fresh…

Once Nicki gets his hearing aid, the first thing he must do is listen to our show!

We would like to wish Nicki all the best and say thank you to Cindy for nominating this incredible human being.

Thank you so much to the incredible people at the Ear Institute in Bryanston for making this possible – you are all incredible human beings.


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