Effective Management of Hearing Loss with Phonak Hearing Aids


Phonak has been manufacturing hearing aids since just after the end of the Second World War. The Swiss company, founded in 1947, quickly achieved the status of a leader in the field of assisted audition, as well as gaining a reputation for innovation. At the time of its launch, the need for these amplification devices was experiencing a dramatic surge as a result of the many thousands of returning servicemen afflicted by varying degrees of noise induced deafness that had been caused by their prolonged and consistent exposure to the sound of gunfire.


Today, the name of Phonak is associated not just with hearing aids, but also with its leading role in the development of advanced cochlear implants. Pushing the boundaries of wireless communication technology, the company’s “Roger” systems are opening a world of new possibilities for users of these devices. Such systems provide the means to interface seamlessly with other digital devices, such as mobile phones and iPods, while induction loop technology allows schools, universities and other organisations to cater for students, staff or customers with auditory impairments.


At The Ear Institute, we strive for excellence in everything that we do. In addition to the cutting-edge technology we employ in our audiology centres, we have chosen to partner with Phonak for the supply of hearing aids, confident in the knowledge that this is a company that shares our insistence upon excellence.


That said, it is important to understand that these devices do not constitute a cure for deafness. In practice, they provide the wearer with an effective means to manage his or her condition. A suitably advanced device, however, can enable them to cope with the everyday demands of life at home and in the workplace, and to do so just as effectively as those family members and colleagues who have no such impairment.


The Phonak range of hearing aids is extensive and includes models that may be worn both behind the ear and in the auditory canal itself. Today’s products are the result of intensive research involving the innovative use of new technologies that have continued to refine their physical design, while also optimising every aspect of their performance. Those who depend upon these devices to maintain a normal lifestyle appreciate such features as the extended battery life.  Many are also grateful for the marked reduction in size that has made some models virtually invisible.


There can be very little doubt, however, that the single greatest advance has been the development of advanced speech processing for which Phonak hearing aids are so widely renowned.  Not only is a digital speech processor able to produce crystal clear sound, free of any interference, but it is also designed to supress the annoying background noise that once made it near impossible to converse in a crowd. Furthermore, today’s devices are able to discern the individual voice and direction of each speaker in a crowd and thus allow their wearers to interact with others more normally.


The Ear Institute has 19 centres in South Africa, where we conduct audiology testing without the need for a GP referral. The test results provide us with the data needed to determine how best to manage your impairment and to personalise the performance of your advanced Phonak hearing aid.

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