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Whether we may be in need of dental work, spectacles or a new hearing aid, we all prefer to know that we are under the care of experts. When that concern is for the efficient functioning of the ears, South Africans have learned that the services available from The Ear Institute clinics and their satellite practices compare with the very best in the world. Those operating in the country’s major cities tend to offer a more comprehensive service such as handling paediatric cases and balance disorders and may even include the services of an ENT specialist. By contrast, the focus of the satellite practices is on routine diagnostic and screening procedures.

In either location, however, our patients may be assured not only of the services of a qualified and experienced healthcare professional, but also that he or she will have access to the latest, world-class audiological equipment. In keeping with the values upon which The Ear Institute was founded, each of its outlets observes strict, best-practice protocols and complies fully with the international standards of professional ethics.

Across the country, The Ear Institute personnel are acknowledged as hearing aid experts – a status that has only been achieved through their collective dedication to remaining up-to-date with all of the latest developments in this rapidly evolving field. In recommending any product, our choice will always be determined solely by its effectiveness in the treatment of each individual case and not driven by any commercial interest. In fact, medical aid tariffs are applicable to all of our services and we are happy to refund, in full, the cost of any device we supply that may fail to provide a significant improvement to auditory performance under the terms of our guarantee.

The vast majority of patients in which there is evidence of auditory malfunction are able to benefit from the use of a suitable amplification device and to return to a normal lifestyle both at home and at work. Huge advances in the technology employed by these devices have seen them become, not just very much smaller, but far more effective also.  Although an obvious aid to miniaturisation, the micro-chip devices pioneered by Phonak have made their most significant contribution by facilitating the manufacture of hi-tech devices capable of interaction with other electronic equipment.

Not surprisingly then, today’s hearing aid experts are required to take into account the need of their patients to use items such as cellular phones, iPods, radios and TV sets. All of this is now possible with the right product and requires no more effort than a simple click on a compact remote control to switch seamlessly between the desired devices.

Among the other needs to be catered for are the age and activities of the wearer. For children, colourful designs for behind-the-ear wear are rugged enough for the most boisterous while waterproof units are now available for those whose work or pleasure may take them underwater.

Advice is also an important part of the service provided by The Ear Institute professionals. This may include care of the device, reinforcing the importance of using it regularly in arresting further deterioration and arranging for annual re-examination and re-tuning of the device if indicated. For these services, South Africa’s hearing aid expert is The Ear Institute. 

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