Signs and symptoms of hearing loss in children

hearing loss in children

The signs and symptoms of hearing loss are different for each child, but there are some more obvious indicators:

  • When a child does not turn his/her head towards a sound, especially a loud sound;
  • When a child frequently touches or pulls one or both ears;
  • When a child reacts to some but not all sounds;
  • When a child turns their head upon seeing you, but not when their name is called from outside their field of vision
  • Does my child have difficulty following instructions?
  • Does my child ask for instructions to be repeated?
  • When a child has delayed speech and language development. If the answer to any of the following is “no”, then your child may have delayed speech and language development:
    • Is my child using single words such as “dada” and “mama” by the age of 1?
    • Is my child using 2-word sentences by the age of 2?
    • Is my child using 3-word sentences by the age of 3?
    • Is my child using understandable 4-5 word sentences by the age of 4?

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