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Children and Hearing Loss

Hearing is the most important sense a child can have. An easy neonatal screening hearing check should be done on every new-born child and can already be performed 48 hours after birth.

Only when a child can hear, do the sound pathways form in the brain. Once these pathways are fully developed (normally within the first 12-24 months) language starts developing. If a child can hear, they develop spoken language and can then learn to read, appreciate music and be part of everyday life.

Should a child have an untreated hearing loss, normal spoken language cannot develop which will influence the child’s development and future learning abilities.

With today’s modern technology (hearing aids, cochlear implants and FM communication systems) every deaf child can hear – provided they are identified early enough, fitted with the appropriate amplification as soon as possible and exposed to normal spoken language.

At our Ear Institutes many babies (some as young as 1 month old!) have been identified with a hearing loss and fitted successfully with hearing aids and some with cochlear implants as soon as 6 months of age.

Should parents require more information on their child’s hearing please contact one of our specialist Ear Institutes in Pretoria (Queenswood), Johannesburg (Rosebank) Cape Town (Bellville & Claremont), Bloemfontein, Polokwane, Durban (Sunningdale) or Windhoek for more information.   

The Ear Institute supports the Eduplex mainstream school in Pretoria. Here a few deaf children learn alongside their normal hearing friends – without sign language.

For more information visit www.eduplex.co.za

Excellent service. They explained the procedure and my son enjoyed the time with them. Thank you ladies. You are amazing – Yolandie Conradie
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