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Rather than attempt to buy hearing aids online, the citizens of Cape Town, Johannesburg and several other South African towns and cities are able, instead, to consult a specialist in this complex and important field. Successive technological advances have given rise to a new generation of amplification devices with features that were once considered the stuff of science fiction. One advance that, in particular, has been responsible for the much increased performance of these modern devices is the ability to tailor their operation in order to more precisely meet the unique requirements of the individual wearer.

The bulky structures of previous years when it was required to wear a large microphone in plain view that, in turn, was connected by an equally obtrusive cable to the earpiece, are now a thing of the past. Thanks to the use of microprocessors, the units of today are a great deal more compact and thus far more discreet when worn. In addition the range of instruments now available is wider than ever before.

This, however, is definitely not a purchase that should be made off the shelf and should be preceded by a thorough evaluation such as that conducted at one of The Ear Institute audiology centres where, incidentally, you may also buy high quality, advanced hearing aids. Our Cape Town clinic offers a full range of investigative procedures and can even provide you with the services of a resident ear, nose and throat specialist in the vent that we may consider such a referral is needed.

A detailed audiological examination at any one of our 19 nationwide centres, including the satellite clinics that operate in the smaller town, will be conducted by a qualified and experienced healthcare professional. Furthermore, all of the diagnostic equipment used in the evaluation will be state-of-the-art and will conform to the most stringent international standards.

On completion of the procedure, the findings will provide us with a full hearing profile across the audible frequency range. From this, the audiologist may then determine the most suitable instrument to deal with your pattern of impairment. Modern devices may be tuned so as to specifically improve the detection of the frequencies most affected and prevent these being masked by over amplification of other frequencies or background noise.

With the preliminaries completed, you may then select a model that meets the requirements of your lifestyle and be confident that, when you buy hearing aids from the Cape Town or any other Ear Institute centres, you will be investing in a world class product. We are, in fact, authorised suppliers of equipment developed by Phonak, a company that is widely recognised as a world leader and major innovator in this highly specialised field.

We offer a particularly wide range of instruments that has been specifically designed so as to manage all forms of auditory impairment as well as to meet the widely varying needs of our patients’, their lifestyles and their finances.  In the event that a conventional unit should prove inadequate we are also able to supply the Advance Bionics range of cochlear implants and arrange for the surgery.

In summary, The Ear Institute combines advanced audiology services with the option to buy world-class hearing aids in Cape Town and other South African cities.

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