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When it comes to caring for your hearing, you would be well-advised never to resort to compromise. Whatever you may purchase, it will be required to safeguard one of a human being’s most valuable assets – the ability to hear. It is therefore especially important to ensure that you allow a product’s performance, and not its price, to govern your decision.

Given the dramatic increase in the incidence of Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL), ear plugs and other ear products now have a much wider role to play and their focus is now as much on maintaining aural health, as it is about getting a good night’s sleep – or, at least, it should be. While most people may accept that deafness is not only restricted to the aged, they would be surprised, if not shocked, to learn that the group that is now most affected by hearing loss is composed of young people between the ages of around 10 years and 19 years.

The reason for this alarming revelation, however, should not come as a surprise. These are the people most attracted to loud noise. For those who are still too young to spend their evenings in a club or rock concerts, their excess decibels are the product of iPods and even cellular phones. To maximise their destructive capabilities, nothing could be more effective than those popular in-the-ear phones that ensure that the ear is subjected to the maximum sound intensity. Forsaking earphones in favour of ear plugs may well be the only way for many of these young potential victims to retain their hearing into adulthood.

The same dangers have long persisted in the workplace but, in such cases, legislation has obliged employers to provide effective protection for those at risk. In the world outside, however, just 15 minutes of listening to music delivered at full blast by means of earphones can be sufficient to cause irreversible hearing loss. While the concert-goers and disco fans can wear ear plugs without significantly affecting their enjoyment, the iPod users must rely on self-restraint.

Infection can also lead to temporary and, in time, even permanent loss of hearing, and one of the most common sources of infection is the swimming pool. Here too, among the ear products now available are special quality ear plugs that are tailored to fit each ear individually, in order to guarantee a water-tight seal that will prevent the entry of any possibly infected water into the ear canal.

Many of those with hearing loss and a significant number of those with normal hearing experience the condition known as tinnitus, in which various noises originate within the ear, rather than from external stimuli. Depending upon their volume and persistence, these noises can cause considerable distress and among the options now available to alleviate these systems are white noise generators and proprietary medications designed to boost aural health.

If you feel that you or a family member could benefit from the use of ear plugs or one of the other ear products described, remember that quality should be your watchword. Rather than taking a risk on cheap and untried online goods, consult an expert. At our Ear Institute clinics, we only offer tried-and-tested items, and possess the skills and experience to make informed recommendations.

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