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Wet Hearing Aids…What Now?

Remember to use your special drying kit or drying & store.
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DYI methods for keeping hearing aids dry
Step 1:
If your hearing aids get wet, turn them off and remove the batteries. Keeping a wet battery ins...

Ear Plugs May Be Far More Important Than You Believe

Although there may be a lot of truth behind the popular image of ear plugs as devices frequently worn by weary wives who would otherwise be kept awake by the incessant snoring of their unconscious husbands, this is only one of the ways in which they can prove to be of use. Needless to say, the claims often expressed by these troubled spouses that they are in danger of being deafened by the...

Need Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists in South Africa?

The oldest registered specialist medical discipline in the United States is that of the ear, nose and throat (ENT) doctor or, as he or she is quite often described across the Atlantic, the otorhinolaryngologist. Furthermore, it is also one of the medical specialities for which the demand has long been greatest in South Africa. In fact, the average parent is likely to have spent many hours ...

The Important Role of the Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist

While only a relatively small proportion of adults tend to require the services of an ear, nose and throat specialist, this is anything but the case with young children. In practice, infections affecting one or the other of these three areas rank among the most common reasons for a child to require a visit to a doctor’s surgery during the first three years of his or her life. In fact, pa...

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