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Hearing Loss in Young Adults

The Alarming Increase of Hearing Loss in Young Adults

In practice, the gradual deterioration in one’s ability to hear is almost inevitable. Known as presbycusis, it is a process that tends to start near the end of the third decade of life, and then progress at a rate that, more often than not, is unlikely to present much of a problem until the retirement years. Today, however, the imag...

Ringing in Ears Getting Worse

What If the Ringing in Your Ears Is Getting Worse?

While almost everyone is likely to have experienced the phenomenon of ringing in the ears known as tinnitus to some degree, and on one or more occasions, in most cases, it would have been a transient experience which, rather than getting worse, would have faded within a few hours or less and at worst, would have lasted no more than a c...

Hearing Loss Recovery

What are the Prospects of a Recovery from Hearing Loss?

There are certainly some instances in which, without any intervention, a spontaneous recovery from hearing loss is a fairly common occurrence, and still others in which a suitable surgical repair or appropriate medication may be able to achieve an equally favourable outcome. In practice, though, it is the nature and the extent of th...

How Can a Hearing Aid Help a Deaf Person?

Perhaps only those who have lost the ability to hear can truly appreciate the extent to which we depend upon this ability to cope with everyday life. While this has always been the case to some degree, the many advances in technology that have taken place over the past few decades have seen that dependence upon our sense of audition increase in direct proportion. On the upside, some of that techno...

Hearing Loss in Toddlers

What are the Signs of Possible Hearing Loss in Toddlers?

For a child to be deprived of any of its senses, quite regardless of its age, is always upsetting, but in the case of auditory impairment, confirming that he or she has a problem as early as possible can do much to improve the long-tern outcome. This, of course, serves to underline just how important it can be for p...

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