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Sad but true, the need for hearing aids, not just in Cape Town but throughout South Africa and across the entire globe, is a growing one. The causes of deafness are manifold but one can be fairly sure that, apart from that slow reduction in auditory acuity that is often a part of the natural aging process, a significant proportion of the remaining instances of impairment could have been prevented, given adequate knowledge of the various potential risks and access to the services of a trained audiologist.

While a relatively small number of individuals may be born deaf, the condition is normally one that is acquired later in life although in recent years the age of onset has been falling steadily. The explanation for this is quite a simple one and stems directly from the near insatiable love of loud music that has developed, predominately but certainly not exclusively among today’s youth. The same people, who, had they suffered deafness in the workplace would have sued for industrial compensation, submit themselves willingly to even greater acoustic trauma for pleasure.

The hearing aids supplied by The Ear Institute clinics in Cape Town and elsewhere provide a highly effective means with which to manage the condition and, indeed, for the wearer to enjoy a lifestyle that is largely unimpeded by his or her impairment. In general, once an amplification device is supplied and adjusted to compensate for the specific auditory deficiencies of a given individual, he or she should experience no further deterioration. By contrast, each day that is allowed to pass without treatment is likely to result in an, albeit minute, but cumulative worsening of the condition.

Apart from noise-related deafness, many other factors can lead to auditory impairment. Infections of the inner or middle chambers of the ear, often secondary to a cold or a bout of flu, are a common cause of temporary loss and to avoid the need for a hearing aid a visit to our Cape Town clinic or to one of our other 18 nationwide facilities will ensure an accurate diagnosis and treatment or an appropriate referral if required. Following suitable antibiotic therapy, full function is normally restored quite quickly. However, repeated infections can lead to a chronic condition that will often result in permanent damage without more stringent intervention by an ENT specialist.

Perversely, certain antibiotics may cause deafness and it is important to keep an eye open for symptoms such as tinnitus so that the patient may be switched to an alternative medication if indicated. Other common medications including aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen, certain anti-malarials and diuretics may all cause impairment in susceptible individuals so, once more, to avoid the need for hearing aids, professional testing at our Cape Town clinic is strongly advised if you have been using such medication regularly over a protracted period and suspect some loss of acuity.

In the event that, at some stage, you should require an amplification device, The Ear Institute clinics offer a wide range of options to suit your lifestyle with world class products that leverage the most advanced technology currently available. We provide expert audiologists and cutting-edge diagnostic equipment while our Cape Town branch has a paediatrician to determine children’s hearing aid needs. 

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