Ringing in Ears

10 December, 2018

Persistent Ringing In the Ears Isn’t Curable But It’s Manageable For almost everyone, ringing in the ears is a transient sensation that is likely to be experienced on a number of occasions during the course of their lifetimes. The annoying sound is purely subjective and often follows an exposure to a loud noise like a […]

What Is an Audiologist?

10 December, 2018

What Is an Audiologist? The history of hearing loss is probably as long as that of mankind itself. There are writings from 1550BC that refer to discussions of possible treatments for deafness – some dating from even earlier times. Over a thousand years later, a Roman physician became the first to differentiate between hearing disorders, […]

Treatment for Hearing Loss

19 November, 2018

Is There Actually an Effective Treatment for Hearing Loss? Auditory impairment is a worldwide problem and one that is continuing to grow. Medical researchers laboured for many years to understand the mechanism of hearing and the factors leading to its decline. Today, armed with the findings of that research, the quest for a suitable treatment […]

Hearing Aids for Sale in South Africa

19 November, 2018

Advanced Hearing Aids for Sale in South Africa Despite legislation and the efforts of medical researchers, the incidence of hearing loss is continuing to increase worldwide. While stem cell research may still offer a glimmer of hope regarding the prospect of a future cure, the reality remains that there is none as yet. Currently, the […]

Hearing Test Online

9 October, 2018

If in Doubt, Why Not Take an Online Hearing Test? It seems there are few tasks that can’t be performed over the internet these days and it even appears that it is now possible to undergo a hearing test online. If you suspect that your ears may not be performing as well as they once […]

Latest Hearing Aid Technology in South Africa

9 October, 2018

The Latest Hearing Aid Technology Is Available in South Africa While our nation may not be competing in the race to be first on Mars, it is well known both as an innovator and an early adopter of technological advances. This is evidenced by accomplishments such as the world’s first heart transplant and the Sasol […]

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