Tinnitus Treatment

17 September, 2018

No Cure for Tinnitus – But Several Treatments to Provide Relief It is unlikely that anyone old enough to read and understand this article has not, at least on one occasion, experienced the annoying sensation of ringing in their ears. The phenomenon is termed tinnitus and it is equally unlikely that many of those affected […]

How to Test Hearing

17 September, 2018

A Trained Audiologist Knows How to Thoroughly Test Your Hearing For those who were born with and have retained the ability to hear, it is easy to overlook just what a blessing this is. In addition to providing the means to enjoy music, conversation, and the sounds of nature, our ears often warn of dangers […]

Tinnitus Effects

13 August, 2018

Tinnitus Effects Vary Between Individuals – So Do the Causes and Treatments Although their symptoms are most frequently referred to as a sensation of ringing in the ears, in practice, tinnitus sufferers may experience a wide range of phantom sounds. Among those most frequently reported are buzzing, whooshing, roaring, hissing, and whistling, while some people […]

Hearing Loss and Its Effects

13 August, 2018

Understanding the Nature of Hearing Loss and Its Possible Effects Of the five senses, the ability to hear, to see, and to smell have probably been those most important in enabling the evolution of the human race. Today, in the age of supermarket butcheries, the ability to track animals by their scent when hunting them […]

Hearing Test Appointment

17 July, 2018

What to Expect When You Attend an Appointment for a Hearing Test It is possible that your family GP or an ENT surgeon may have referred you to an audiologist for a hearing test appointment, although no referral is actually necessary at Ear Institute clinics. If this is the case, it is equally likely that […]

Ringing in Ears Sound

17 July, 2018

Are You Plagued by a Ringing Sound in Your Ears? If you experience the phenomenon of a ringing sound in your ears, then, according to the British Medical Journal, you may just be one of an estimated 300 to 600 million people worldwide who are affected. Also, it is likely that, during their lifetime, as […]

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