Hearing Aids for Sale in South Africa

Advanced Hearing Aids for Sale in South Africa

Despite legislation and the efforts of medical researchers, the incidence of hearing loss is continuing to increase worldwide. While stem cell research may still offer a glimmer of hope regarding the prospect of a future cure, the reality remains that there is none as yet. Currently, the only option open to those of our citizens whose lives are affected by auditory impairment is to rely on one of the many hearing aids for sale in South Africa. However, while all of these products may be designed to provide help for those who have the need, the needs of the individual tend to vary, as do the nature and the severity of their hearing loss. Making a selection that is appropriate to one’s overall requirements can, therefore, be extremely important.

While factors such as the price and appearance of a unit are likely to play a part in the selection, their role should be secondary. What should be the primary consideration in the selection process is its performance. In order to fully appreciate the importance of performance, it will be helpful to take a closer look at the nature of hearing loss. It is not, as some might believe, the equivalent of turning down some internal volume control. If this were the case, all frequencies within the range of human audition would be equally affected and it would matter little which of the hearing aids for sale in South Africa one might decide to purchase.

In practice, deafness tends to be more selective – impairing audition more at some frequencies than it does at others and even leaving some unaffected. To address this imbalance in the reception of sound requires a device to be configured to match the established hearing profile of the wearer, thus ensuring that sufficient boost is provided at those frequencies where it is needed.

Before even considering the purchase of any of the hearing aids for sale in South Africa, it is vital to undergo a hearing test. The test should be conducted by an ENT specialist or registered audiologist, and should include an audiogram. Be aware that the bargain-priced units now widely available online are simple amplification devices with an adjustable volume control that boosts all frequencies equally. This means that while sounds might appear louder, they will still be no clearer.

Having accepted the need to consult a professional, and with your auditory profile established, before choosing which of the hearing aids for sale in South Africa might be best for you, it will be necessary to review your lifestyle and to determine how it might influence the capabilities you require from your chosen device. Perhaps your main concern might be that the unit is not too conspicuous. However, while some of the modern units are sufficiently compact to be located in the ear canal where they are essentially invisible to others, they are also correspondingly less powerful than the larger models. They may, therefore, not provide all of the amplification you require.

Other requirements may be more easily satisfied. For example, if you happen to be a lifeguard or are simply passionate about swimming, there are a number of waterproof models among the hearing aids for sale in South Africa. For the majority whose jobs are in the city, there may be less need for waterproofing, but the modern office environment can generate some special demands of its own.

The advent of digital electronics has transformed the way many routine work tasks are performed today and, even in the home, we have become just as dependent upon digital devices. Where once those with auditory insufficiency might have been precluded from their use, the advanced hearing aids for sale in South Africa today also employ digital circuitry. Not surprisingly, innovative manufacturers such, as Phonak, have lost no time in developing technology that enables their products to interface with most other digital devices.

The need to rely on an assisted hearing device now presents no obstacle to electronic communication. With the right unit, the wearer can interface wirelessly with smartphones to make and receive hands-free calls or participate in conference calls with colleagues or clients anywhere in the world. Furthermore, he or she can converse easily in a crowd and enjoy a conversation free of background chatter. Before deciding which of the many hearing aids for sale in South Africa might be best for you, contact your nearest Ear Institute clinic.
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