Early Detection – Hearing Loss

There are some words when it comes to hearing that generally cause concern for a lot of people. Two of these words are “hearing loss.”
When people hear the words “early detection” they think it means screening at an early age but hearing loss can occur at any age. It is about detecting the problem at the earliest possible time. The sooner you can detect hearing loss, the better the outcome for the person with the loss will be.

When it comes to early detection, regardless of the person’s age, the Ear Institute is the best place to go for a screening. The Ear Institute has highly-qualified staff, state-of-the-art technology, and an excellent reputation. Because hearing loss can occur at any age, hearing screening plays a vital role to ensure that patients can avoid complications and potentially have a better quality of life.

Regardless of a person’s lifestyle, social demographic, even DNA, hearing loss can sometimes come quickly and without warning. That is why the Ear Institute believes whole-heartedly that early detection is vital to ensure the patient is correctly assessed and therefore can be given the correct treatment unique to the patient’s circumstances.

The need to screen adults periodically so a potential hearing loss can be identified as early as possible and treatment can begin are vital. It is a preventive measure to go for a screening at the Ear Institute earlier on in childhood. It’s not an uncommon practice for adults to be screened for hearing impairment at least every decade through age 50 and at 3-year intervals thereafter.
The Ear Institute has the best product range and passionate audiologists who ensure no matter the issue, there is always a solution at hand.

In addition, promoting screening to adults as well as children at any of the Ear Institutes in South Africa and Namibia should be “as common-practice” as going for a visit to your GP.

Early detection means addressing hearing loss before it significantly impacts a person’s quality of life and the Ear Institute offers the best service and a caring environment that makes the entire experience an easy and important one.

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