AquaBlock Swimming Plugs

Typically, we have a tendency to take our senses for granted and to only fully appreciate their value when, eventually, we may have cause to suspect that they no longer function as well as they used to. In this respect, our vision and hearing are the most vulnerable to deterioration, whether as the result of aging, abuse or some disease process.

While the importance of each is undeniable, it is usually our eyesight that we are most prone to monitor – the need for adequate vision in order to obtain a driving licence being one of the main reasons for that concern. By contrast, even when the average individual begins to suspect that he or she may have a hearing problem, his or her first reaction is often one of denial and invariably no action will be taken.

Although often thought of as trivial, a simple ear infection could leave you or your child with permanent hearing loss and swimming pools rank high among the leading sources of infection. While effective protection is available in the form of products such as AquaBlock swimming plugs, cases of swimmer’s ear or glue ear, as it is sometimes called, are still regularly encountered and rank among the more common reasons for a child to require medical attention during his or her pre-teen years.

Pools, whether public or residential, are not always adequately chlorinated and it does not require a great deal of imagination to accept how the often large numbers of people sharing the same pool can inevitably become the source of potentially harmful microorganisms. Wearing ear plugs, such as the branded items mentioned, could offer bathers the best possible protection from ear infections in such circumstances.

It would be unduly alarmist to suggest that all infections cause permanent hearing loss, but they are almost always accompanied by some degree of temporary deafness that will normally disappear following successful antibiotic treatment. Some bacteria may prove more resistant to treatment and carry a risk that the infection could become chronic and the accompanying damage, irreversible. This alone, more than justifies the use of AquaBlock swimming plugs as a standard precaution.

Unlike rival products that are made of plastic, these pre-moulded silicone units are highly durable and far less prone to deterioration. The Flex Stem and triple flange design is unique to this product and results in a more customised fit. In use, they are not easily dislodged and offer the additional advantage of providing very little damping, which means that wearers should find that they can hear and converse as normal. This, of course, means that they do not provide protection from acoustic shock and are not a substitute for the products offered to light sleepers, to musicians and to those who may be in need of a little respite from a partner’s snoring.

Supplied with a handy carrying case, these AquaBlock swimming plugs are readily washable and thus offer the purchaser the added benefit of extended use. These plugs are just one of a number of hearing protection products that may now be purchased by the public from any of our Ear Institute branches in South Africa. To be certain that your hearing is adequately protected, call at any of our branches for expert professional advice.

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