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The importance of annual hearing tests

Your health is one of the main reasons why you should receive annual screenings because hearing loss can be a sign or symptom of other more dangerous health conditions. Hearing loss can be a side effect of heart disease, depression, Alzheimer’s and even cancer. Hearing loss can also be affected by stroke, high blood pressure, arthritis and diabetes. Screenings can also catch noncancerous growths in the ear canal.

It is extremely important to get tested by your audiologist and get annual hearing screenings to find any symptoms of hearing loss, which can sometimes mean preventable health problems.

Most people may not know that hearing loss has a gradual onset. Many people are not aware their hearing is declining until they start to experience symptoms such as having to turn up their television volume, asking people to repeat themselves, or having difficulty hearing in background noise. Unlike if you have a problem with your eyes or a sore tooth, a problem with your hearing can often go undetected.  Hearing loss is a gradual process and we often find ways around the issue, by simply turning the volume of the television up, or by looking at people’s lips when they speak.

Because it happens so gradually, it’s important to monitor your hearing levels with annual tests. It’s also recommended that you get tested before you have any concerns. This may seem strange, but if difficulties do start to arise, it allows the audiologist to compare how you were hearing before to how you’re hearing now.

There are important reasons to have periodic hearing screening throughout one’s life. Early diagnosis of congenital hearing loss can lead to more successful treatment, while correcting even mild hearing loss in childhood can improve language and communication skills. Young adults often suffer from noise-induced hearing loss and aren’t even aware of it, while friends and family can mistake hearing loss in older adults as a cognitive impairment.

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