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Affordable hearing aids and a consultation with a qualified audiologist is the norm at an Ear Institute centre, and a practice that proves one-stop shopping is not a service for which the benefits remain limited to the retail trade. It is a policy, which although clearly convenient from a patient’s viewpoint, offers benefits that, from a service point of view, are of even greater value. Unlike the case with other healthcare specialists, obtaining an appointment with an audiologist at one of our Ear Institute centres does not require a referral from your family doctor, and means that the delay and added expense of a visit to a GP is automatically eliminated.

If the mention of affordable hearing aids should act to raise any concerns about their performance, be assured that any and all such fears are totally unfounded. Our centres maintain a special relationship with one of the pioneers of assisted hearing technology and a world leader in the hugely competitive industry of today. This, of course, could only be a reference to Phonak, a name that is synonymous with quality and famed for the innovative thinking behind the many world firsts that have redefined the future of electronic devices for hearing loss management.

Due to the valuable synergy between our centres and this iconic manufacturer, we are not only in a position to supply affordable hearing aids, but also to provide our patients with world-class products that can be guaranteed to deliver exceptional performance. Offered at prices that are well within the limits set by most of South Africa’s medical aids, they are durable, economical in use and represent excellent value for money.

Some continue to nurture doubts about the performance of these devices in general. They remain disillusioned by memories of their earlier, somewhat excessive size, of whistling feedback loops, crackling interference and the constant need to replace bulky and expensive batteries. Happily, these fears are also devoid of any foundation.

Even though we are able to offer affordable hearing aids, these belong to a totally new generation of products powered by solid state, digital electronics. Even though you will pay a bit extra for models that are practically invisible when worn deep within the ear canal, all are small enough to be far more discreet during wear than any of their predecessors. Advanced speech processors ensure crystal clear speech and automatic feedback suppression is built-in. Furthermore, the life of the compact batteries used to power these new models is now measured in years rather than in days.

Hearing tests at our centres employ state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring that every affordable hearing aid that we supply is perfectly suited to each patient’s specific needs.

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