Advanced Hearing Solutions – Meeting the Needs of a New Era

Without the advanced hearing solutions that are available today, many of those with significant auditory impairment would be quite unable to meet the day-to-day demands that have become commonplace in a new world that has emerged over the last two decades and that has changed the people’s lives across the planet. Just as the technology upon which we have grown to depend has undergone a quantum leap so too has that which now forms the basis of the various compact amplification devices needed by those affected by varying degrees of deafness to cope with the manifestations of this transition to a 21st century society.

The devices worn today and available from audiology clinics such as those that operate under The Ear Institute banner, bear little physical resemblance to the cumbersome and far less efficient instruments of the relatively recent past and the abilities of these advanced hearing solutions now far surpass even those mooted in those earlier times. The vast reduction in size and the concurrent improvement and extension of their performance may be directly attributed to the arrival of the digital age. The ability to digitise analogue signals has meant that they may now be manipulated in ways that have revolutionised an entire industry and changed the lives of many thousands for the better as a direct consequence.

Among the most obvious benefits of this new technology is seen in the vast improvement in sound quality. For instance, this has made it possible to accentuate sounds which are required to be heard by the listener, such as a conversation with several colleagues or friends, whilst eliminating the unwanted background noises that made this level of sound isolation unachievable with the technology available barely more than a decade ago.

The miniature directional microphones and efficient sound processors used in these advanced hearing solutions provide a sonic sensation that is closer to that of an unimpaired individual than ever before possible. However, a feature that, for many, is proving to be an equally significant enhancement is the ease with which these modern units are able to interact with a wide variety of other digital devices. Where, previously, making and receiving telephone calls would have been difficult if not impossible, these modern aids can connect seamlessly with a mobile phone with just a touch of a remote control.

Want to enjoy watching TV without setting the volume at a level guaranteed to upset the neighbours? Todays’ units can connect just as readily with a smart TV or an iPod. Their compact size has made them more shock resistant as well as enhancing the battery life of these invaluable advanced hearing solutions.

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