Myths and Facts About Hearing Aids

The following are some common misconceptions about hearing aids:

MYTH: My hearing loss is not extreme enough for a hearing aid.
FACT: Hearing loss often develops slowly. Because of this, you may not notice how bad your hearing has gotten. If loved ones are often commenting on how you cannot hear, then you should strongly conside...

Ringing in Ears

Ringing in the Ears May Be More Than Just an Annoyance

Just as a falling barometer is a reliable indicator of black clouds, rain, and strong winds in the near future, a ringing sensation in the ears is a pretty reliable sign that all may not be well with one’s hearing. If you should doubt this, just pay a visit to your local shooting range and loose off a few rounds while not weari...

Cochlear Implant Cost

What is Included in the Cost of a Cochlear Implant?

As is the case with any elective surgery, one aspect to be considered will invariably be the cost. However, while fitting a cochlear implant may not be the cheapest of procedures, the alternative of continuing to experience the difficulties that accompany severe to profound hearing loss in a predominately audio-visual society, could...

Types of Hearing Loss

The Causes and Management of the Two Types of Hearing Loss

Only once it has been taken from them are most people likely to truly appreciate the extent to which they depend upon their ability to perceive and interpret sounds. Of these, comparatively few will be aware of the intricate mechanisms that make this sensory experience possible. However, many of those who, as a result of one or...

Mixed Hearing Loss

The Nature, Causes and Management of Mixed Hearing Loss

Audition, or the ability to hear, is a physiological function that we seldom stop to consider until that ability is compromised in some way. That said, most people will have experienced a temporary partial impairment on at least one occasion. Understanding the mechanisms involved will provide better insight into the permanent cond...

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