Hearing and Balance

Does Hearing Loss Affect Balance?

Dizziness, floating, unsteadiness, blurred vision, disorientation, confusion, faintness and vertigo are all symptoms that may indicate a balance disorder.

A structure in the inner ear called the labyrinth (names for its maze-like characteristics) is responsible for the body’s sense of balance. The labyrinth consists of...

Listening Fatigue… a daily battle for the hearing impaired!

What is listening fatigue?

It is a sense of tiredness that engulfs you after a period of frantic activity. That mode of activity can be anything from playing TV games or walking in a busy shopping mall! You feel drained and tired, sometimes even sleepy. It is no different for the sense of hearing.

A hearing impaired person has to think, concentrate and work much harder t...

Ear Test

When to Consider an Ear Test and What to Expect

It is an alarming fact that we live in an age when the incidence of hearing loss is not only at its highest level ever, but is now also affecting people of a much younger age than was the case in the past. Most of us tend to think of this, primarily, as the more or less inevitable result of getting older, although there appears to be an i...

Constant Ringing in Ears

The Causes and Management of Constant Ringing in the Ears

It is estimated that, in the US alone, 50 million people experience the sensation of phantom sounds, such as ringing in their ears. For most, it is not a constant sensation, but a temporary one that fades after a while. For about 40%, however, the sounds are ongoing and cause varying degrees of distress. Furthermore, in an est...

Ringing in Ears

Coping with Persistent Ringing in the Ears and its Causes

It seems more than likely that almost everyone, regardless of their age, or whether their hearing may be normal or impaired will have experienced the sensation described as ringing in the ears at some time during the course of their lifetime, and probably on more than one occasion. After all, it only takes a sufficiently loud no...

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