Ringing in Ears

Coping with Persistent Ringing in the Ears and its Causes

It seems more than likely that almost everyone, regardless of their age, or whether their hearing may be normal or impaired will have experienced the sensation described as ringing in the ears at some time during the course of their lifetime, and probably on more than one occasion. After all, it only takes a sufficiently loud no...

Cochlear Implant Cost

A Modern Cochlear Implant Can Justify its Cost

For an adult whose hearing loss has attained a level regarded as severe to profound, and who has been unable to gain any demonstrable benefit from the amplified sounds produced by a conventional hearing aid, the future would once have been rather bleak. Just a few decades ago, he or she would have been condemned to a world of silence, unable...

Tinnitus Relief

Medication, Counselling and Sound Enrichment Promise Relief for Tinnitus Sufferers

Although it is a common accompaniment to hearing loss, the worldwide incidence of “ringing in the ears” or tinnitus is, at 15%, around three times more prevalent, and many of its victims are desperate for some form of relief. In the United States, for instance, the number experiencing this phenomen...

Hearing Loss

Types of Hearing Loss, their Causes and their Management

Most people would be surprised to learn just how many people worldwide are affected by hearing loss to the point where its effects are disabling. In a recent survey conducted by the World Health Organisation, the number was found to be 360 million, or a little over 5% of the world’s population, of which around 32 million were c...


The Nature, Common Causes, Effects and Treatment of Tinnitus

Often described as a ringing in the ears, tinnitus is thought to affect as many as one person in ten of those living in the UK, and around half claim that its effects are moderately to severely distressing. The figures for the United States are quite similar, if a fraction higher, and seem to suggest that the incidence will b...

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