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Welcome to the Ear Institute

Ear Institutes are managed hearing healthcare service providers with 20 institutes situated throughout South Africa and Namibia.

Our aim is not only to deliver the best possible hearing healthcare service, but also to make your visit to our facilities as enjoyable as possible. Our multi-professional teams work in close collaboration with other medical professions, ensuring the best possible diagnosis, advice and treatment for all our patients.

Our facilities are on par with international best practice, and outstanding customer service is our highest priority.

Specialist diagnostic services are offered at our flagship centres situated in the main cities throughout the country, and all hearing healthcare professionals are registered with the relevant health professions council in their country - we charge medical aid tariffs.

Client Testimonials

  • Cochlear implants changed my life! My life is fuller, my confidence has increased, and time spent with family and friends is more enjoyable.

    Jaki Scheckter
    South African Race Car Driver

  • One of the things I particularly like is that I can hear in a noisy environment. I can go into a restaurant now and I can actually be part of the conversation at the table.

    David Burns

  • There are some things on which you simply cannot compromise. Hearing is one of them.

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